Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice – The Best Chicken Rice in Bishan?

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As a devoted fan of chicken rice, I’ve always lamented the scarcity of good chicken rice stalls in Bishan. While Ming Kee and Sin Ming chicken rice are notable, I’ve consistently found their rice to be a bit too dry for my liking. However, I’ve finally discovered a chicken rice stall that hits the mark for me – Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice.

Located in the quaint S11 Coffeeshop near Junction 8, there’s consistently a long queue for their chicken rice during lunch and dinner hours. Surprisingly, the stall doesn’t only offer chicken rice but also vegetables and herbal soups. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait in line for long before it was my turn to order. I opted for a set of chicken drumstick rice ($7), which came with a bowl of soup and a choice of vegetable; I chose a plate of bean sprouts.

Regrettably, the stall was out of white chicken, so I received roasted chicken instead. It didn’t matter much, as the chicken was smooth, succulent, and juicy. The only drawback was that the skin was slightly hard instead of crispy, as expected with roasted chicken. However, the chicken was appetizing overall, despite the tough skin. Additionally, the chicken rice was fragrant, soft, and had a satisfactory level of moisture. It paired well with the chicken sauce.

The soup accompanying the set was remarkably flavorful and nourishing, with a sweet taste and a distinct chicken bone flavor. It also featured a generous amount of peanuts and chicken meat, making it possibly the best soup I’ve had from a chicken rice stall.

Kudos to Qi Le for providing a generous portion of bean sprouts. I was pleasantly surprised by the serving size, not that I’m complaining. The bean sprouts were crunchy, fresh, and had a delightful sweetness to them.

Is Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice the best Chicken Rice in Bishan? I’d argue it is, based on the stall’s consistency. The chicken has remained tender and juicy, and the rice fragrant and moist since my first visit all those years ago. Compared to other Chicken Rice stalls in Bishan, Qi Le is my favorite.

Rice: 7.5/10
Chicken: 8/10
Soup: 7.5/10

Qi Le Boneless Chicken Rice
504 Bishan Street 11, Stall 13, Singapore 570504
Opening hours: Daily from 10.30am – 9.30pm

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