A Delectable Treat: Mcdonald’s Yakiniku Burger

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Every so often, Mcdonalds comes out with a seasonal surprise and this time it is their Yakiniku burger. I was excited when they announced it, sinceI was curious what a Yakiniku burger would taste like. 

I ordered the Yakiniku Crispy Chicken burger, along with medium french fries and hot tea as a set, along with an additional Taro Custard pie as an a-la-carte item($1.80). The whole set costs $8.90.

As far as aesthetics go, I was delighted to see a huge crispy chicken patty sandwiched in between 2 fluffy buns. It was doused in a thick layer of yakiniku sauce with white cabbage and caramelised onions making up the rest of the burger. McDonalds deserves a compliment, as they’ve nailed the Yakiniku Chicken Burger. The sweet and spicy yakiniku sauce had a kick which complemented the crispy and juicy chicken patty. The buns were soft and had a slight sweetness to them which harmonised with the chicken and sauce. The combination of these 3 elements made the burger delicious. The cabbage, which was crunchy and sweet, acted to balance out the burger to make you feel less guilty of eating such a heavy meal.

The Taro Custard Pie was amazingly delicious. The pie crust was so delicate and crispy, with the taro custard filling being sweet and savoury. The custard was creamy and smooth, but I was most impressed with the taro filling as the taste of it was pronounced, rich, and sweet.

Overall I’d rate the Yakiniku Chicken Burger very highly as it was extremely tasty and satisfying. I only wish Mcdonalds can make their usual chicken patties as crispy and juicy as they did with the Yakiniku Chicken Burger. In addition, the Taro Custard Pie was a savoury treat and I wish it was a permanent item on the menu.

Chicken: 10/10
Yakiniku Sauce: 9/10
Custard Pie: 9/10

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