Mcdonald’s Prosperity Burger: Ushering the New Year in Style!

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Mcdonald’s Singapore has never been shy of rolling out seasonal burgers, and as it’s the Chinese New Year period, they’ve released the popular Prosperity Burger. The Prosperity Burger is Mcdonald’s take on Chinese New Year with a choice of a chicken or beef burger coated with a layer of black pepper sauce. It’s been immensely popular over the years, so much so that it’s become a staple for Mcdonald’s over the Chinese New Year period.

For 2024, Mcdonald’s Singapore has come out with a Hello Kitty Themed Prosperity Burger set. I wanted to get it but unfortunately, it was sold out on the day that I went. Hence, I decided to get the Prosperity Chicken Burger($6.50) since I prefer it over beef, and I ordered it as an à la carte since it was cheaper.

On first impression, it seems that Mcdonald’s has shrunk the size of the Prosperity Burger as I remember it to be bigger the last time I tried it. Other than the reduced size of the burger, it looked tasty as the chicken thigh was coated in a luscious layer of black pepper sauce. However, appearance aside, the most important factor for me was the taste, and it was time to see whether the Prosperity Burger tasted as good as it did years ago.

I could immediately feel the burn from the pepper sauce when I took the first bite. Despite the spiciness, it tasted sweet and when combined with the bun and chicken thigh, I’d be tempted to describe what I tasted as umami. It came close to it, as it was insanely delicious. The chicken thigh was also succulent and juicy and the bun was soft and sweet. I can say that taste-wise the Prosperity burger hasn’t changed much over the years and I do highly recommend it during the Chinese New Year period. In addition, if you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, I’d recommend getting the Hello Kitty Prosperity Set!

Bun: 7/10
Chicken Thigh: 10/10
Pepper sauce: 8/10

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