Tonkatsu Enbiton -Affordable Tonkatsu Restaurant @313 Somerset

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Tonkatsu ENbiton is a restaurant by EN Group which specialises in Tonkatsu. It has recently opened a new store in 313 Somerset. As reference, EN Group manages other brands such as Aburi-EN, Tamago-EN and Monster Curry in Singapore. 

Tonkatsu ENbiton’s specialty is Yuzu pork cutlets, or Tonkatsu as it is more commonly called. The Yuzu Tonkatsu supposedly has more flavour, aroma, and tenderness compared to normal Tonkatsu. What’s more, Tonkatsu ENbiton offers pork cutlets imported from Kagoshima prefecture, which is renowned for their Tonkatsu.  

Tonkatsu ENbiton has a comprehensive menu offering their signature Yuzu Tonkatsu, which comes in either a Rosu Katsu or Hire Katsu cut. Apart from that, it also offers Kagoshima Tonkatsu, normal Tonkatsu, chicken Katsu, curry based Tonkatsu and Tonkatsu sandwiches, which includes a Miyazaki wagyu and Truffle Plant-Based Sandwich. All Katsu cuts come in a set served with Japanese rice, cabbage & arugula, pickles and Tonjiru(pork miso set). Rice and cabbage are free flow, so big eaters don’t have to worry about running out of either item. Each table has a bowl of sesame seeds that customers can pound and add to their rice/Tonkatsu. 

Of course, I had to order their signature Yuzu Rosu Katsu set($22++) and added an Ebi Fry($4). In addition it came with green tea($2.50) and a Kurogama(Black Sesame) ice cream($3.5). It also came with the usual miso soup plus the free flow rice and cabbage.

When the set arrived, I licked my lips in anticipation of taking the first bite of the mouthwatering Tonkatsu. It was marvellous as I could hear the crunch of the crispy skin and felt the tenderness of the juicy meat. In addition, the meat had a tinge of citrus to it from the yuzu. Granted, my mouth felt overloaded from the fat and greasiness of the meat after a few bites so I had to eat the cabbage to reset my palate. It tasted fresh and juicy which I liked. The ebi, which I ordered as an extra to the set, was crispy and delicious, although it could’ve tasted slightly fresher.

The miso soup was flavourful and had unique ingredients such as daikon, pickles and konnyaku. This gave it a unique flavour as it didn’t taste as salty compared to other miso soups I have had. My favourite ingredient in the miso soup was the konnyaku as even though it was tasteless, it had a jelly like texture.

The Kurogama ice cream that I ordered was sweet and had a heavy taste of black sesame. Although I liked the fragrant taste of black sesame, it was overpowering after I had a few spoonfuls of the ice cream. I will try the Matcha ice cream next time and compare it to the Kurogama ice cream.

Overall it was a hearty meal that I enjoyed. The best part about Tonkatsu ENbiton is that the prices of its Tonkatsu sets were decent compared to other Tonkatsu restaurants. If you decide to come, I’d recommend getting the Yuzu Rosu Katsu and the normal Kagoshima Rosu Katsu to taste the difference between the two sets of Tonkatsu.

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