Stardust Telepath: The sugar series of Fall 2023

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I need to watch a sugary anime every season for good reason: I’m a slice of life connoisseur. There have been a few sugary series in 2023, with the most popular one being The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten in the Winter. I was looking for a good sugar series for Fall 2023 before it even started, and I’m stoked to have found the cutest sugar series this season – Stardust Telepath.

To be honest, I have read the manga for Stardust Telepath before and it’s extremely cute in its manga panels. Hence, I had hope that the anime series would match the cuteness that’s portrayed in the manga. I have a rather mixed opinion of Stardust Telepath’s studio – Studio Gokumi, as while I did enjoy Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Kiniro Mosaic, I was left disappointed by Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko and Endro~. Fortunately, Stardust Telepath didn’t disappoint me as it was amazing from the get-go!

The story focuses on a girl called Konohoshi Umika, who reminds me of Bocchi since she has a hard time talking to people. She feels as if she doesn’t belong to earth and dreams of meeting an alien – which is peculiar as I haven’t seen a person with the same dreams as Umika. Lo and behold, her dream is fulfilled as she meets Yuu Akeuchi, an actual alien who ends up being in the same class as Umika. Together, they have one objective: to get Yuu back to space as her spaceship broke. Along the way, they become friends with Takaragi Haruno and Raimon Matataki. I love it as it’s a simple and sweet story. There’s no serious incident that occurs(for now), and the characters get along well, with the exception of Raimon. It’s the perfect anime to watch when you come home from a long day and just want to chill.

Stardust Telepath’s animation is one of the cutest this season as it’s very moe-esque in the character designs and the opening and ending songs. The scenery and visuals are a truly beautiful sight to behold! Studio Gokumi has done a fabulous job with the animation and I can only hope that they can keep up this consistent quality.

Now onto the characters, which are a lively bunch. Umika’s introverted and quiet character prevents her from opening up to people. I relate to her a lot since she shares the same personality as me but that’s what makes her a lovable character. Oh and not to mention her voice, which is so insanely cute! Her voice actress is doing a wonderful job in portraying the character. Yuu is the complete opposite of Umika and has a bubbly and extroverted personality. She’s able to seamlessly talk to people and I find she’s Umika’s pillar of support as she’s always encouraging her. As for Haruno, I feel she’s the supporting character of the group as she has not done much to help them but she has been feeding them with good ideas. Raimon is the perfect example of a tsundere. She appears to be fierce and unfriendly, but she always ends up relenting and joining them in their group activities. She’s the second most interesting character to me as I love a good tsundere in a series.

To conclude, Stardust Telepath has been an amazing and flamboyant series this season and it’s the anime that I watch when I just want to chill and relax. I’ve been enjoying it and loving the consistent quality of it just like the previous Studio Gokumi series that I’ve watched. It’s definitely one of the more underrated series this season and I just wish more people will give this a watch!

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